Fire Equipment Range

HYDRANT SYSTEMS (Pillar Hydrant, Hose Cradle, Nozzle, Cabinet & Canvas Hose).
DRY RISER SYSTEMS (Screw Landing Valve, Breaching Inlet, Breaching Cabinet).
WET RISER SYSTEM (4 ways Breaching Inlet, 4 ways Breaching Cabinet, PRV, Gate Valve, Check Valve).
HOSEREEL SYSTEMS (Hose reel Drum, Hose reel Cabinet, Nozzle Box, Hose reel Nozzle).
FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS (Smoke Detector, Heat Detector, Optical Detector, Flashing Light, Alarm Bell, Break glass, Control Panel, Key switch, Smoke Tester).
CO2 FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEMS EQUIPMENT (Sprinkler, Flow Meter, Pressure Switch, Pressure Gauge and all type of fire extinguishers).