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A message from Us

YOUR SAFETY EXPERTS is more than just a slogan, it’s a way of life for us. We should make secure you and your property by our consultancy. With a global network Fire Management System (FMS) has been recognized as the unparalleled leader in fire safety. Our highly skilled engineering team is constantly designing, supplying, supervising and innovating areas of fire safety technology to overcome even the most complex business challenges. With your continued support and trust, FMS is now poised to further grow its international network. To that end, we appreciate your business and your commitment to safety in the workplace and look forward to serving you for decades to come. Having said the above, we have successfully been able to build business relations and plan to reach further and become the number one global market leader in Fire & Health Safety. I personally thank every single customer for placing their trust in us to ensure their safety at work and home.

Who We Are

Fire Management Systems (FMS) is a Pakistan’s known leading company in the Fire Protection Industry and has commenced thereafter as a dealer of a wide range of novel firefighting engineering and equipment. Our expertise in all aspects of the Fire Protection Industry provides our clients with the peace of mind knowing that their assets are being maintained to industry best practice FMS ensures that we keep up to date with any legislative changes that affect our clients.

Our Team

The FMS team consists of dedicated and talented people who are able to provide unique services & solutions. Our dedication to innovation, quality and safety are shared by all of our staff. Professional Training is regularly performed to ensure the latest techniques, skills and safety standards are maintained. We specialize in the full turnkey package from initial design concept through to end-user training and servicing which in compliance to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Standard. FMS applies our knowledge and experience to provide clients with quality equipment and products to meet project requirements for all aspects of fire protection during design and construction of plant and building.
" Total Quality Management to Achieve Zero Defect "

Business Scope

With our extensive exploration and experience in the field of firefighting systems and equipment supplies, we have successfully developed our own market share for the following products: -

Sprinklers Systems

FMS provides wide range of sprinklers system that will cater to all needs and requirement and carry multiple international approvals like UL, FM, LPCB, VDS, etc.

CO2 Systems

It consists of liquefied CO2 gas, seamless cylinders, releasing units, nozzles and accessories like looping and discharge hoses, fire curtain and tripping devices. It shall be designed, installed and maintained as per NFPA standard No. 12 to ensure that it is used safety and effectively.

Fire Hydrant Systems

HYDRANT SYSTEMS (Pillar Hydrant, Hose Cradle, Nozzle, Cabinet & Canvas Hose). DRY RISER SYSTEMS (Screw Landing Valve, Breaching Inlet, Breaching Cabinet). WET RISER SYSTEM (4 ways Breaching Inlet, 4 ways Breaching Cabinet, PRV, Gate Valve, Check Valve). HOSEREEL SYSTEMS (Hose reel Drum, Hose reel Cabinet, Nozzle Box, Hose reel Nozzle).
FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS (Smoke Detector, Heat Detector, Optical Detector, Flashing Light, Alarm Bell, Break glass, Control Panel, Key switch, Smoke Tester). CO2 FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEMS EQUIPMENT (Sprinkler, Flow Meter, Pressure Switch, Pressure Gauge and all type of fire extinguishers).  

FM-200® Fire Suppression Systems

Approved by the UL, FM, LPC. The agent is environmental friendly and has zero effect on the earth’s stratospheric ozone layer and it is a colorless, odorless gas that leaves no particles and residue. The product is in compliance with ISO 14520. Our UL-FM Certified FM200 (HFC227ea.